While watching…

Some personal opinions on recent viewing


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 

The finale of the series. I enjoyed it but didn’t appreciate Katniss’ sickeningly sweet happily ever after. Her and her yellow floral dress. I find it hard to believe she would have settled into a peaceful life that easily after being at the heart of the action against the Capitol for so long. I imagined her being more involved in maintaining the freedoms she fought so hard to attain.

Harry Potter and the…

Alan Rickman recently passed away, and I then rewatched all the HP films in the space of 48 hours. “Always” got me, and Snape is my favourite character without a doubt.


Tina Fey and Amy Pohler’s 2016 comedy as a sister duo trying to cope with the sale of their childhood home. They revert to adolescent ways, there are a few laughs – look out for a ballerina jewellery box in particular. But it failed to really impress me, considering how these women have the potential to be hilarious elsewhere.

Blue is the Warmest Colour

A three hour tale following the love story between Adèle and Emma. It’s an intense watch, but shows the raw emotions after heartbreak. Adèle Exarchopoulos has good messy bun game and her crying at everything is something I can relate to easily. A big fan of this film.


A Netflix original series about Pablo Escobar. I didn’t know much about the dude before watching, learned a lot, with documentary footage inserted alongside the dramatic interpretation of events, from the US DEA officer’s voiceover perspective. I’m a fan of Escobar’s (Wagner Moura) deep voice. Boyd Holbrook/Steve Murphy has something Ryan Gosling about him, and Peña/Pedro Pascal is a babe. An interesting adaptation of his life, with real life son condoning the depiction of brutal violence the series suggests was central to Escobar’s way of life.

(Image: Independent)

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